Shy People Club

Adelaide, Australia

Sunday, October 15, 2006


A charming stuff, gabbly


check it out and let's start chatting.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Regular updates

Heya guys, how are you going?

I'm not so sure about whether there is anybody, apart from me, has ever visited here. If you dun wanna disappoint me, then leave a comment or something, right? dun be so quiet.

Well, though u might argue that this is shy people club, shy people should be quiet. I agree then u might keep it as quiet as possible in the future and see us get everything done.

Everything's going well, when I got back from the drama "flying ostrich" I had a good sleep, so does everybody in our group, lulu and wei, suposedly.

Good news is we'v put out the ads in UniSA and Uni Adelaide, and have got 3 replies saying that they wanna join shy people club, and we have already started considering what to screen at the first gathering.

Here are the ads we sent through email, might be interesting :P

Bamboo Studio is an organisation which stands on all aspects of media, like print advertising or internet, we have already put a successful experimental theatre on the stage on September 28th at Scott Theatre in Uni Adelaide, and it was founded by students and still growing, for the details mailto or sms to 0431154651

Shy People Club is a sub division of Bamboo Studio which mainly focus on experimental art, text installation performance or experimental sound, music. The first action of shy people club is a film screening and forum called "Guan" means vision in Chinese. We will have people that are interested gathered together watch films and discuss, because we are also planning to make a film in a few months, so "Guan" is basically to make some friends, if you like films, do not hesitate to come along.

Also there is another project out in the following months, just as soon as me finishing this semester :P it will be an experimental music concert, called "an audience's audience". Details to be revealed soon.

Alright, got to go, much homework to do, nite.

Monday, September 11, 2006

We Experiment! Do U?

The idea of launching a small group called "Shy People Club" came into my mind last night while I was listening to Steve Reich.

So here it is, I am considerably a shy guy, no matter if you say it is just my own opinion, I will still insist on it.

With everything possible, we share interest in film, video, sound, image, installation, performance or anything.

Only if we can meet in Adelaide, Australia and surely if it interest you.


p.s. write to speaking out your ideas.